The Voices of Christ Apostolic-Prophetic School of the Scribe (APSOTS) is the premiere educational center for prophetic scribes who are seeking to uncover their identity; refine their purpose and discover how to impact their spheres of influence with integrity, authority and precision.

Founded by Apostle Theresa Harvard Johnson, The School of the Scribe has emerged from a 17-year historical, biblical and spiritual journey committed to understanding the calling of the prophetic writer and the prophetic scribe. Th first conference (called the Voices of Christ Prophetic Poetry & Writer’s Conference) was held in 2003 at the urging of a handful of writers (five to be exact) who had taken hold of a revelation that they were scribes just a few short years before.

The school’s aim is to assist prophetic scribes with uncovering their identity. In doing so, we believe that they will develop a deep honor and respect for their calling, grow in their loyalty to Christ and move in intentionally within their scribal purpose. We believe that every prophetic scribe must be “instructed” in the Kingdom of Heaven.

To facilitate the vision, The School of the Scribe offers the following learning opportunities: the annual Scribal Advance school of ministry; Scribes Over this City encounters, Prophetic Writing Flow intensives and its premiere online learning academy, the Online School of the Scribe.

In addition, scribes may connect in our active Facebook group where Apostle Johnson engages daily with participants: the Sribal Prophets Facebook Group.