The School of the Scribe is the premiere learning center for believers of Christ who believe they are called as prophetic scribes in the earth. This school, founded by Theresa Harvard Johnson, provides comprehensive instruction surrounding "The Office of the Scribe" identified throughout the Holy Bible from a historical and revelatory perspective. The school, in a sense, is like a School of the Prophets or a School of the Supernatural (for prophetic scribes) in its ministry style and teachings, with an academic twist.

All courses are taught by the founder and students who have completed the Certificate To Teach The Scribal Anointing, a certification course that uncovers the wealth of the "office of the prophetic scribe." This school has more than 17 years of dedicated study into the ministry of the prophetic scribe from a spiritual and historical perspective.

In addition, teachings are based on the foundations of THE SCRIBAL ANOINTING BOOK SERIES. Books are available at our school's bookstore, The Scribal Arsenal.


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