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When our scribe ministry began meeting regularly in 2001, the healing balm of Christ would move through our group powerfully -- bringing great freedom to those in attendance. Over the years, God has continued to increase us in this area under The Scribal Anointing. Our "Prophetic Writing Flow" encounters have always rested heavily here.

During our sessions, we exclusively focus on the writing process. What does this mean? Well, it means that we specialize in:

  • Helping believers regain their voice through writing;
  • Pulling narratives out of the lives of God's people;
  • Helping believers organize existing writings through a very unique process in preparation for manuscript planning;
  • Creating opportunities for senior leaders to rest, relax and experience FUN, no stress writing
  • Community learning, not just lectures
  • Uncovering individual prophetic writing processes
  • Confronting the DIFFICULT topics surrounding writing personal narratives
  • Helping writers define and build SIMPLE, achievable writing goals
  • Creating intimate environments for small, specialized groups
  • Creating PRIVATE, CONFIDENTIAL and intimate encounters for bishops, pastors, apostles, etc. who oversee large congregations, networks, etc.
  • Creating an environment for honest criticism and helpful feedback

Our "Prophetic Writing Flow" encounters are tailored to three primary groups:

  • Those writing or who desire to write about past trauma
  • Those who need writing help to start, organize, complete or get unstuck in their writing process regardless of genre.
  • Young girls ages 13-18 who are healing from abuse.

We do not offer "canned" writing sessions.  Every "Prophetic Writing Flow" encounter is unique to those attending, PROPHETIC and tailored by Holy Spirit. We do not teach the publishing process in these sessions. Our focus is EXCLUSIVELY on the writing process.

They are not based on gathering numbers, but creating an environment for intimacy. Our senior leader sessions are limited to 8-12 participants. In addition, all sessions are led by Theresa Harvard Johnson and one confidential assistant.

Prophetic Writing Flow Encounters

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