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Scribes Over This City is an exclusive, intensive Voices of Christ Apostolic Prophetic School of the Scribe event that hosts introductory scribes schools in critical cities to empower, prepare, connect and launch scribes in their respective territories. The events are led by Theresa Harvard Johnson and scribes within those communities who are mobilizing their communities for effective, Christ-centered work. The ministry team, who have been equipped through the Certificate To Teach The Scribal Anointing Program, fully understand the revelation of the "office of the scribe" as well as scribal culture. (It is like a one-day intensive SCHOOL OF THE PROPHETS for scribes)

  • The intensives are one-day
  • They are apostolically specific to the spiritual needs of that region
  • They are specific to the unique gifts and callings of those regisered for the event
  • They provide revelatory, regional insight into scribal ministry
  • They are designed to connect scribes across regions, spiritual and academic disciplines
  • They are designed to awaken creativity
  • They are designed to evoke an awakening and urgency in the calling
  • They are designed to break myths and clear up error concerning the scribe
  • They are GOVERNMENTAL in nature, establishing scribal directives for those gathered

The intensives include the following areas of instruction and preparation at every event:

  • Foundations of the Prophetic Scribe (Teaching on The Scribal Anointing - the office, prophetic writing and scribal prophets)
  • "Specific" personal prophecy for prophetic scribes in attendance
  • Corporate prophecy and prayer over the region
  • Extensive discussion, fellowship and sharing from participants
  • Connection with existing or start up scribal ministries in the area that are connected to the Voices of Christ School of the Scribe
  • Sharing of resources (All attendees have an opportunity to share what they are doing in their respective communities)
  • And tons of laughter and fun

Host An Event in Your City

These events are hosted through existing relationships in varying regions. If you would like to host a "Scribes Over This City" event contact The School of the Scribe. Your role in this process would be to provide recommendations for affordable or free meeting space near a major airport; hotel recommendations or housing recommendation in the same vicinity; and provide committed assistance with marketing/promoting the event. We would love to talk with you about this further.  Contact us through our online form. 


Some Past Scribes Over This City Events

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